Mc Donald's Japan booster pack. I need more info! Please

Finally I have found an image of the Mc Donald’s Japanese booster pack.
I need to know the real name, Cards inside and IF ANYONE HAVE ONE OR SOME TO SELL ME!!!
I really need it for my Mc Donald’s cards/booster collection
Thants to all :stuck_out_tongue:

This pack was the second wave of McDonald promo’s that were released in 2002. Unique Username made a very useful post regarding the 2002 McDonald set regarding their different release (I cant find it at the moment).

This particular pack contained promos 029P - 038P.

I have several empty packs in a folder somewhere. The person who I bought my set from gave me the empty packs.

Thanks for the information! You do not know any collector how can sell me one? I do not know the current price but I think I can buy one booster for 45-75$

I personally haven’t seen any packs for sale myself. I think that is a good price if you can get it for $45 plus there is a chance you can get a sunset mew in it which currently costs $200 but I reckon it would be best kept sealed.

I would to keep it sealed, I’m not interested to find Sunset Mew but to complete my McDonalds sealed booster pack collection. If you find it or know anyone hiw can sell one pack, let me know!
Many thanks for your help :blush:

Are there more than 3 McDonalds promo sets that came in these types of packs?

Only 3 are released with booster pack, the other cards are single

Hmm. So on that pack it shows a picture of what appears to be a Scizor card. But the Scizor card in that set has a different illustration and it’s the English reprint that has the illustration on the pack art. What’s up with that?

Yes it’s the aquapolis artwork. The scizor inside the pack it’s this