Pokemon Japanese Mc Donalds 2002 Promo Booster Pack

Hello im planning to by a “Pokemon Japanese Mc Donalds 2002 Promo Booster Pack” for 20€ and I’m curious what the actual value of this booster pack is. (seller says the condition is near mint)

Thanks a lot for your help =)

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That prices seems about average. If you were really going after the set or buying it for a booster pack collection then I say go for it. Keep in mind the Mew does not come in that pack, but the Umbreon does.

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I would just buy it for fun. Like a one time shot. Not for collecting or anything. I would simply open it to see if a rare card is inisde. So would i say i should buy it or that i can spend my 20€ better ?

We really can’t say if there is a “better” way to spend it. If you have the extra cash and you really want to open one of these packs, you aren’t overpaying and that’s a fun afternoon activity. If you are looking to invest the money in a card or cards that will hold their value longer, opening packs is not the best use of your money. But it comes down to what you’re looking to get for your money: a fun activity or an investment.

Thanks for the good answer =) but I think I will go with the fun sinice its not so rare. And maybe open it in a few years.

To think that back in the day, my daughter and I would hit the local “Mac” (as they call McDonald’s here in Japan) and get several of those packs, never thinking twice as we ripped them open. LOL.

Nowadays, though, I won’t even step foot inside one of those fast-food death traps. (Google “McDonald’s Japan food scandals” if you’re not sure what I’m talking about.)

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Hasn’t it become a pretty big tradition to have KFC on Christmas in Japan?

I was fine up until until someone found a tooth in their fires…now that is where I draw the line. :stuck_out_tongue: …sorry getting off topic a little bit.

that is the cutest larvitar ever. Whats the picture called.

Whats the best way to keep the Booster in a good condition ? Because I saw people open some Basic booster packs from gen 1 and the PSA graded some cards only with a 6. So how can I keep the booster safe?

@hisoka107 this is the picture