May 11 - May 17, 2014 - Surfing Pikachu

Surfing Pikachu **


Its supposed to be Mt. Fuji right?

Yes, it’s Mt. Fuji. Japan’s famous snow-capped volcano. Would be interesting to know where Pikachu is surfing on. :blush:

Clean and non pretentious artwork which makes it really beautiful. I just got one graded by PSA as Mint 9 OC which means someone was asleep when the card was being printed. :blush:


They were probably just surfing the web. :grin:


From Bulbapedia:

The card was released in Japan as a special card through the JR Stamp Rally in September 1997. Those taking part in the Stamp Rally were tasked to collect stamps by visiting participating stations as detailed in special stamp books available to buy at a number of those stations. Those that collected the required number of stamps were awarded a two-card set that included the variant Surfing Pikachu and Mew. This variant is commonly known as the Mt. Fuji Surfing Pikachu, in reference to the background illustration. The JR rally version is printed on regular card stock and is considerably rarer than its CoroCoro counterpart. In contrast, the CoroCoro version is printed on glossy card stock and lacks the mountain and train illustrations.

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The green-and-white shape in the background is supposed to be the front end of a shinkansen (bullet train).

Also, just want to point out that “JR” stands for “Japan Railway.” I’ve seen some eBay auctions and forums refer to the JR Stamp Rally cards as the “Junior Stamp Rally.” That always makes me cringe. :relieved:


I totally want one of these eventually but their all super expensive. I still think the JR stamp rally is one of the coolest ideas in Pokemon card collecting. Talk about an awesome idea to have a bunch of kids out with their folks (or adults like us too :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: ) out riding trains to collect rare pokemon cards. Love it! And I love the train in the background of the card. Very old school retro artwork for a train.

I like this card more than the non-glossy mew that accompanied it. The mew will cost you a pretty penny as well :stuck_out_tongue: