Mathonsunday's Pokemon In Water Collection

Hey folks! Wanted to create a separate collection thread for my current obsession: Pokemon in water. I got ideas for the initial collection from this thread and have been adding to it over the last month. Now that my pond has grown into a lake I’d like to share it with the crew.

I love this collection because I can mix up cards from different Pokemon, artists and eras while still having a cohesive identity. It’s more specific than a standard Pokedex collection and feels less intimidating to complete.

Some guidelines I follow:

  • All water type cards since I prefer the look of all the blue backgrounds together.
  • While the focus in on Pokemon in water, I also allow for the Pokemon being near or on water if the water takes up a large part of the background.
  • All Japanese unless it’s an EX Era Reverse Holo since those are English exclusive or the English version was much cheaper and/or easier to find.
  • Organized in Pokedex order. Eventually I might try for a complete Gen 1 Pokedex or even complete National dex of water types where such a card exists.
  • I kickstarted this collection from my existing cards and haven’t spent more than $30 on any individual new card.

Thanks everyone who suggested ideas in the original thread! I’m happy it got so much engagement.


I love that collections like this show so many different art styles. We got blue water, clear water, green water, purple water, and possibly even red water here! Very nice choice of theme.


This is very cute. 10/10!

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Some great choices! And, like you said, the amalgamation the different arts and styles really makes it a joy to look at. Thematic collections like this one and your rainbow one are definitely an interesting and fresh way to put together a little sub-collection!

Empoleon from ex battle boost would go really well with this collection!

Superb suggestion! I find cameos in non full art cards so charming and unexpected. It also tells a story with another card in the collection:


Definitely gotta get the lapras CR

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Yep it’s in the mail! Lapras has so many great cards that fit the theme.


love it! Such an original idea!