Matchprints Up For Sale

Just wanted to share for any Matchprint collectors:

There’s a Mew and Meowth from Rusty and an Alakazam available on PWCC.

Mew: BGS 9 MINT Mew 55/165 MATCHPRINT Test Print E Reader Sample Pokemon Card | eBay
Meowth: CGC 9 MINT Meowth 121/165 MATCHPRINT Test Print E Reader Sample Pokemon Card 001 | eBay


@Leo You could start going for the full set? With these and your one you would have psa, cgc and bgs.

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Am I correct in remembering that you could buy Matchprint stock and print identical cards yourself? Not that these are likely to be fake, but I seem to recall some real verification issues with these.

There is some controversy as to whether a convincing fake can be produced. But theoretically, it is not out of the realm of reality.

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I think the notion that one can buy a third party printer to produce the same item as a 2002 WOTC machine is pretty far fetched. The real Matchprint cards also have unique bar codes similar to the real expedition card that can be scanned.

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Thanks @jac2357 I’ve thought of it and have been tempted but it would take me a while to save up for any of these. I might throw out an offer for the Alakazam. The 2002 sample set cards though I would like to try to complete over time. Minus a PSA 10 version of pikachu.

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