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Hi everyone,

As I usually do, I’ve taken a break from collecting and am now revisiting it. It’s been about a year since I made purchases for my master sets. Through Sw&Sh I was somewhere in the 90% completion from Base to present… and now have some catching up to do.

I keep track of all my lists using old school pen and paper. More Specifically, I would print out the card check list for every set and then add extra cards/check boxes for all the variants. An example is my S&M Guardians Rising set. I would hand write in all the extra varients… Wimpod waterweb holo varient, Oricorio league promo, Mimikyu non holo, Solgaleo cracked ice , etc. etc. etc.

I think I’m getting old because It hasn’t been that long of a break and I cannot for the life of me remember how I would figure out all the variants. I feel like I had a quick source to reference that would be pretty straight forward in listing the released varients but i just can’t remember what that source was!?

This source would always be really helpful with newer sets because I would be putting together a modern set, get it near completion, and then check my source and find out that there were new variants from some random Costco exclusive or EB games promo etc.

I’m pretty sure that every card list I had up to Sw&Sh was up to date but now I’m questioning my entire collection’s accuracy. Can someone help me remember how to keep your master sets up to date and accurate?
Thank you in advance!


Seconding this.
I just printed the list of all cards and just using different color markets (blue for regular/yellow for holo/etc) to check when i buy any of those cards.
PS: - can also help to keep an easy track on progress (visit set page and just checkmark cards you have and it says how many cards you need to buy yet) but there is no way to check Regular/Reverse holo cards and those ones usually drive me crazy.

My personal favorite is TCG Collector because it has scans for the majority of cards and has variants :slight_smile:

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Oh yes this is pretty much all i needed - thanks so much!

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Bulbapedia was probably the resource you used, if I had to guess. It conveniently lists all alternate variations above each standard set list. It might be missing some of the more obscure ones but the site is generally considered the best and most complete resource for master setlists.

Pokecollector, however, has nice printable checklists which certainly come in handy too. Imo its best to utilize multiple outlets (including E4!)

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