Master Ball Thread!

Show off any and all things Master Ball!

My favorite Master Ball item owned: Pokemon Center Master Ball Plush Pillow (not pictured)
My holy grail Master ball item: Master Ball Replica by The Wand Company
Other items in my tiny collection :


They may be sold out at the US Pokémon Center (which were available from March 15th, 2021 onward according to The Wand Company website itself), but it’s still in stock at the UK Pokémon Center (which were available since little over a month ago - April 25th, 2022). In case you’re still looking to buy one. :blush:

And what makes the Master Ball your favorite Pokémon item?



Hello fellow ball enjoyer


Nice Master Ball is my fav, you felt so powerful with one in the item pocket as a kid playing the games

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Hey @quuador , I like the master ball because of the nice color contrasting between the specific shades of pink and purple, and exactly how @papafrankgod pointed out, it felt like the final item achievement for every video game and how powerful you feel knowing you can catch any pokemon with a 100% success rate, although I usually end up never using it because I like seeing when I open my bag. :sob:

Thank you so much for that info btw! After the limited edition 5000 numbered run in the US, I never imagined they would rerelease it! I guess they got away with it since it released in the UK only. (Was the LE one originally US only? I have no idea. I remember seeing it and passing up on it originally)

Is there a UK → US shipping forwarding service you or anybody on E4 can recommend? I definitely want to scoop that UK version ASAP before it goes out of stock forever.

(P.S. Am I crazy or does the UK version have a slightly darker shade of purple?? (you can see both pictures side by side if you scroll down here) I still want it regardless but am I the only one noticing this??)

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In the pictures the shade of purple does seem to be slightly different, although it could just be the lighting perhaps or it might vary slightly case-by-case?

And unfortunately I don’t know any UK to US middleman services. You could try to make a thread in the Just A Question? or General section to ask if a member from the UK is willing to help you out being a middleman. There are a bunch of active UK members, so perhaps one is willing to help you buy this from the Pokémon Center. If not, I’m sure there are some middleman services available from the UK to US.

EDIT: Ah, I see you already have made that thread. Let’s hope someone responds to it.


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The only master ball I own


this is beautiful!!! I need this one

My Favorite Master Ball card I own


I believe the Euro version is not numbered. If you even care about that.

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Woo, Masterballs!

I have a really fun find on the Wand Company one (which if youre in discord you already know) that I could share below. Ill post the link to my ig as I detail it better there with pictures, but basically I was able to get my hands on a masterball that wasnt supposed to go out for sale through Ninendo NYC and confirmed by the wand company themselves. Pretty cool if you ask me and im currently waiting for my EU version to arrive to add that as well. :heart:


Are there any color differences or are they 1:1 identical?
Just read through your IG post, you are very lucky!

(As a NY local, I’ve been visiting Nintendo NYC / Nintendo World / Pokemon Center NY for almost a decade, so this story makes it even more interesting)