mario005's Return to Collecting!

Hello! I’m mario005 and I normally don’t post but I guess I felt like sharing my collection today. A little bit about me: I started collecting around 2014 with the goal of just collecting BW and XY era full arts. With career changes, the goal posts started moving and I had set a new goal to complete a set of PSA 9 Gold Stars. I completed it in 2018 and was pretty happy with the collection. Regrettably, I made the decision to sell the collection along with a number of other cards on PWCC this last December to fund my wedding and assisst with a real-estate investment. COVID threw a wrench in both of those plans and now I’m here trying to reclaim what I foolishly sold months ago (at a hefty premium no less). I do regret the decision but I can definitely look forward now with a new-found and deep appreciation for what I have.

TL;DR A flipper sold his favorite cards and regrets his decision surprising absolutely no one. Now he’s collecting again.

On to the collection! This post doesn’t cover absolutely everything in my collection but these are my favorites so far:

Full Arts of Kyogre, Groudon, and Rayquaza

These cards are what brought me into the hobby. IMO the Kyogre from Primal Clash in particular is one of the most beautiful cards in the hobby. Pictures really do not do it any justice.

I periodically rotate some of the cards in my display case. Ancient Origins is probably my favorite modern set.

Some more full art cards. Most of my time in Pokemon was spent in Gen 2 and 3 hence why I gravitate towards them so much.

Like pretty much everyone else, I definitely have an affinity towards shiny Pokemon. Naturally, the SL collection from Call of Legends is one of my favorites. I’m definitely going to try to complete this set.

Nostalgia Time! I didn’t really play much of Gen 1 so Lugia kind of became my ‘Charizard’ when I was a kid. I actually still have an unlimited copy in my childhood binder that I acquired by trading some gel pens I had to a kid in the playground. Once I started collecting more seriously, these cards were a top priority.

Gold Stars! Most of these are recent acquisitions. I tried to be very aggressive in getting a hold of the gold stars I distinctly remember enjoying the most. The ones from EX Team Rocket Returns and EX Deoxys are absolutely my favorites. I’m not even that huge a fan of Charizard but I think this is its best artwork.

My holy grail. This one actually has somewhat of a story. It was originally part of my collection that I sold in December. I purchased it in 2016 for $575 and felt kind of weird about it since it was a new record price at the time. Obviously it seems silly now with how much the card has grown in value but I was still pretty new to buying more expensive stuff back then. In a weird coincidence, this card somehow got signed by Masakazu Fukuda at the Dallas regionals event and was listed for way more than what I paid in 2016. I could not resist. My favorite card of my favorite pokemon signed by my favorite artist was something that needed to be part of my collection. I paid about 5 times what I paid in 2016 for the exact same card. Provenance was provided in the form of a picture of the card with Mr. Fukuda and I went ahead and got the signature graded and authenticated by PSA/DNA. It’s made out to ‘Satoshi’ in katakana which is pretty wack but I ultimately decided to just keep it since it’s part of the card’s history.

That’s all I have for now. I’ll continue to update this thread as I continue on my journey. Thanks for looking!

Edit: Thank Arceus for Tapatalk. imgur is a nightmare!


pics dont work! :slightly_frowning_face:

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Should work now!


Awesome collection and im glad to hear your back in action. Look forward to seeing your collecting progressions!


Thanks! I’m super happy to be back!


Wow nice collection!


I was just talking about how I need these cards to complete some of my goals for this year. Good stuff man Gens 1-3 are the best.


Thanks! I couldn’t agree more! I definitely want to get a few more of the BW full arts as well. Jirachi, Latias, and Latios come to mind.


Welcome back :slight_smile: I feel your pain. I never sold my collection but I did lose my childhood collection including base 1st ed zard. It’s rewarding replacing what you once had plus some as a adult :slight_smile:

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This just gets better and better as you scroll down. Honestly I regret getting rid of most of my BW/XY full arts. Sun and Moon full arts are hideous and the backgrounds/actual eye candy give the older full arts so much more character. Some of the best ones you have there… maybe add Darkrai from Dark Explorers and those may be my exact top 15 (or however many) full arts.

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Beautiful collection my friend.

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Really nice collection!

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Beautiful collection! :blush:

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Totally agree on the Sun/Moon full arts. Can’t really say I’m much of a fan of the plain backgrounds on those cards. Darkrai FA is a really nice card that I was actually trying to get years ago before I started collecting other things. They weren’t as easy to pin down back then as they seem to be now.