Magic The Gathering ... Price Your Collectibles

I had some of my mtg foil binders out and I am surprised. I rarely sell any of my collectibles so I never check prices but do like checking them out from time to time.
Well tonight I did check some out and I am shocked at some of the price increases. One of the cards in the pic is worth a thousand or two. All my cards I pulled out of packs and saved so they are mint.
Sometimes it’s smart to see where the prices have gone on your side collectibles.


@garyis2000, loves binders.

Only for non Pokémon. I actually have hundreds of binders with ccg’s and tcg’s. But now that I see my early MTG cards can be worth a lot I may have to protect them better;)

Yeah that Academy Rector original printing is a pretty penny. EDH players everywhere want that card.

don’t show that collection to creepy rudy or you might get a phone call lol


Nice foil rector Gary, $1k-$2k is a bit off the mark though they sell all day for about $600 NM/M. Still a nice card to come across - it’s expensive because it’s reserved list and urza’s legacy & destiny were the first two sets to feature foils.

Basically if anyone wants a foil version of that card, that’s their only option, ever. It’ll never be reprinted because of the reserved list - there are quite a number of expensive foils in legacy and & destiny because of this.

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Seriously I think the rector could be a 10…minimum 9. All my mtg were pulled by me out of packs and put in binders.
The pictures below actually make the card look worse.


Rudy already knows about most of my magic and only cares cause they are all untouched mint. He also knows they aren’t for sale lol.

I showed some of my binder sets in the below video:

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this feels like an advertisement lol

Don’t say that, or ill get bombarded with unwanted offers lol. Nothing is for sale besides maybe that couch (which has been sittin in by scumbagpratte​:joy::joy::joy:

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Good job on keeping these in such a great condition. That Academy Rector certainly looks as mint as it can be!

I’ve always had a knack for collecting and conditions part in it. In 1979 I actually bought a case of Kiss #1 Blood comic and never opened it. I knew it would one day be a valuable collectible especially if all issues were untouched. The problem is I rarely sell things out of my collection so here I sit, 40 years later, with that box.

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Urza’s foils where sooooo hard to pull back then. Not your almost every pack has a foil card times…
Great cards, love the old card art and foil style with the iconic star and swirl.

That must’ve been such a unique story back then; printing with actual blood. Genius marketing right there.

Perhaps there’s enough DNA in that box to clone a younger KISS! :wink:

Haha…I never thought about that lol.

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