Low-Pop Love

Do you have any PSA graded cards that you love primarily because of their low population? I own a PSA 10 Quick Starter Gift Set Gastly that has a pop. of 1. There’s nothing special about this card, but I love having the only PSA 10 in existence.

Share your low-pop love!


I was pretty excited that i was able to get a POP 1 out of my 2009 Pichu/Arceus Japanese Illustrator winner set. Most are POP 2 or 3, but having that POP 1 really made my day lol


Personally no, but I can indeed understand how it must feel to have the only one in existence. I didn’t even knew the POPs of my few PSA10 graded cards, since I prefer ungraded cards for my collection. They are fairly low POP, but no POP1 however. :blush:

  • Japanese 113/PCG-P 2005 Autumn stamped Pikachu PSA10: POP2 (mine is 26023760)
  • Japanese 100/DP-P Pikachu PSA10: POP5 (mine is 25814888)

My three PSA9 Base Pikachus (Chinese 1st, Korean 1st and Korean unl.) all have POP 5-10. And those five are all the PSA cards I have. :grin:


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I’ve personally graded two of the only four PSA 10 1st Edition Misdreavus from Neo Revelation. I’ve only ever sent in three of them, so that’s a pretty lucky ratio given how impossible they are to find without factory scratches or edgewear.


Off the top of my head, these are probably a couple unique ones:


Mudkip is POP 1 :grin:


Do BGS cards count? I can think of a few BGS 10s that are nigh impossible to get because of the quality parameters and terrible innate quality predispositions of some cards, and are definitely rarer than psa 10s. And what about psa 9s, if thats the best current condition? I would think thats in the same boat, yeah?

Yea sure, you have any BGS or PSA 9 examples? Share that low-pop love mah dude

Well, i was mostly speaking hypothetically, as im still in the midst of paying off deals for them or they piqued my interest because of their notoriety. But i was thinking cards along the lines of a psa 9 tmb moltres, psa 9 stadium challenge deoxys, bgs 10 unikarp (if one were ever to exist), psa 9 no hp error ninetales, etc. I just really appreciate cards like those because of, not only their rarity, respective difficulty of even finding one and the usually high prices that go along with it, but the notoriety of how hard they are to grade well in the first place. Really emphasizes the ‘thrill of the hunt’ in regards to getting the best condition possible for such insanely difficult cards, ya know?

I’ve had many “1st ones” and always loved that feeling.

Also love having total pops which is kinda like a 1/1.

Ofcourse my favorite 1/1 is the Pristine 1st Base Char.


Back in 2009 I bought a PSA 10 E3 Red Cheeks Pikachu for $150. Back then it had a pop of 2, so that was pretty neat at the time. In fact, I made this thread about it at the time:


Although now there are over 20 of them.

My lowest pop card that I own now is the Trophy Kangaskhan, which has a pop of 6. Love that card.


We are pop buddies! I love both of those cards! :blush:

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I have several Japanese EX series cards that are Pop 1, all that I graded myself. I put tons of work into finding the ungraded mint copies so it’s very satisfying to own the only PSA 10s!


I have very few pop 1’s of rare cards but i have several pop 2-3 cards. Many of those cards have never surfaced publicly or privately from what I’ve been try to gather. You and I both share a pop 2 Altaria ex if you haven’t sold it.

I think that in the pursuit of your collection goals, whatever they might be, you come across a low pop card it makes it that much more special. Many of the low pop cards I have were hard to obtain and I get an extra feeling of joy/attachment to the card. One of the cards I have is a PSA 10 Plasma Storm Blastoise SR (english). This card is a pop of 3 out of 85. We’ve never seen another one pop up, Plasma storm is know for having its issues. There are all sorts of other issues that make even obtaining these raw even harder so knowing that I have one of these cards makes it even more special to me compared to the charizard from plasma storm.

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Yeah I love my pop one pristine zard:


When I graded it, it was a pop 1 now its at 4 I love it.


Haha…good one lol.

No fucking justice done to this beauty with that despicable potato photo, Gary. Let me photograph it for you for about 10 years. Pm’ed address, Thanks.


My PSA 10 1st ed. Latias star was first of its kind back in 2014 and that’s how things were quite a while. Awesome card. :blush:

Another low pop PSA 10 I’ve enjoyed would be reverse holo Articuno from Legendary Collection, only 2 copies during purchase and even now it’s currently only 4.

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1st ed. Neo Genesis Typhlosion 17/111 might be the only 1st edition WOTC holo at a POP 1?

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