Lost coin!

My daughter’s just building a collection from relatives cast-offs and boot sales and all over, and I’ve been playing the game with her - got her one of the training packs which was great.
When the little plastic (‘all regions’(?) black and silver) coin went missing I didn’t think a big deal, but she loved that coin and I can’t find a like for like replacement.
Any help or direction appreciated.
We’re in Brighton in the UK (Daydream Nation not got though)

I’m positive one of the UK-ers around here can help you get a coin that she will like, if not the same one!
I’d help if I hadn’t just sold all of my flip coins. :slightly_frowning_face:

Cheers guys!
Reina - the one she’s after is that one with the star in the middle on the first set of photos you’ve posted.

There’s 2 different coloured ones there. It’s got all the types/energies on for that series I think.
I’d love to get all the ones in that photo off you. Are you in the States though?