Looking for EX series holos in full sets

Looking for all the holos from the EX series in NM/MT condition. Just the holos. The base sets (no EX) seem to be between $80-$130 on ebay depending on the set. I have bought holo sets for as low as $30 on ebay but can go a bit higher for harder to find sets. I’d like to pay around $50 for the average set and am open to offers.

I have about 6 coming in but I’d like to get $100 per set.

Team magma vs team aqua
Unseen forces (uknowns not included)
Power keepers

Would these get GEM 10?

No. I’m going to pick through them for the gems and replace with NM/Mint. sorry :slightly_frowning_face:

Hi - all of those base sets save RS are on ebay right now for between $100-140. That’s $90 - $126 after fees for the seller and includes all rares, uncommons, and commons. So I’m not gonna pay anywhere near $100 just for the holos, sorry.

My bad I was talking about complete base sets with the holos to commons. I don’t see the value in breaking it up unless the offer was good. I rather sell them whole slightly cheaper than I mentioned before