Looking for Ancient Mew 1 or 2 with no cut lines?

I’m looking to pay cash for it. Does anyone have these? Preferably Ancient Mew 1 corrected? ;D

I don’t personally have it but after a quick look on E-bay, there are several auctions that look promising. Perhaps ask for a scan or if it has the line?

www.ebay.com/itm/320904634447 ← freaking BARGAIN.

Thank you, but I’ve already checked with them all and they all say they have cut lines, except the seller allansindy who won’t reply to my questions for over a week now. :sob:

I haven’t asked about that gem mint one though but $250 is a little out of my budget right now lol, trying to get this guy at around $100 or less. I’m gonna ask him just to see what he says though

Hi preston,

I have a Japanese error(Nintedo) Ancient Mew I in the original movie brochure without any cut lines if you’re interested…LMK


PM sent