I could use some help here!

Can someone here confirm that there are cut lines on all Ancient Mew cards, if not, which cards don’t have it? Because I’m looking for a clean looking card for my Mew collection. :blush:


Both of mine do. :3

Thank you, and I just learned about these dreadful cut lines :sob:

I wonder if I will be able to find an Ancient Mew 1 corrected with no cut lines?!

I just saw your website, YOU HAVE THEM ALL!
I’ve just been collecting the Japanese cards though, but you just gave me inspiration, and possibly inspiration to collect the mew trainers too. I have all of the mew cards right now except the -080/PCG-P Mew and a good looking Ancient Mew lol

Another question, how much did that victory orb cost you, and where/who did you get it from? :grin:

Don’t collect the Mew trainers. You will go insane. INSAAAANNNEEEEE!!!

Ahaha J/k, but really getting all the trainers was the hardest part for my collection. I got Victory orb for $400 with shipping, and I found it on E-bay (ironically, during that week about 5 showed up @_@ )