Looking for a middleman in the US (You will get compensated)

I am located in South America at the moment and I’m looking for someone in the US where I can have my cards delivered , you will check for me if the content is correct , package it again and forward it to my other middleman in Miami. Reason I am not directly asking my mm in Miami is cause he doesnt know jack about pokemon lol. This is a one time thing so if anyone could help me , please ! I will make it worth your while.

Should be trusted though ! No offense but not taking someone with zero reffs and an empty account xD.

I can do it for you, what is the package value? Is it insured/ tracking number? I am located near Florida, if you are interested then I can send you my Ebay account (just so you can see that I am a trust-worthy sources for both selling and buying).

content value is $1700 , Yep it will be insured and tracked. The whole package.