Looking for a French person! Do you have the McDonalds Pika.


Are you French?
Do you have the French McDonalds Pikachu?
Will you sell it to me?

Great, thanks! Please pm me!

I think you might be better off broadening your question to that of the whole community instead of focusing on one section of the world. >_>

Granted, I can see why you’d target France as the link clearly shows that it’s been a recent thing, but you never know, there might be someone who has it already because we have a lot of multi-lingual card collectors!

@azulryu I disagree just because of how recent the French card promotion at McDonalds is…
I think it would be best for @aj1 to just keep it like that, because if he bought from someone who had already bought it, he might as well go to the same place. Cause why would the person who bought it sell for the same price? They need to profit…

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Ah good point. Sorry about that. I hadn’t thought of it that way. :dizzy_face: Sorry to aj too!

Good luck! I paid for a complete set of those McDonald’s cards and am having a heck of a time getting the french eBay seller to correctly address and ship the stinkin’ thing. Haha.

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Still looking for this card…

This is in the wrong section of the forum… Maybe that’s why you haven’t had any luck?


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I did. No response as of yet.