Looking for a few Charizards!

Hey everyone!

New to UPCCC, not new to Pokemon card trading but I thought I would start big. This thread is dedicated specifically for attaining the final components for my Charizard collection so I hope someone can help me out! I am able to trade or buy, but I would prefer reducing monetary expenditures if possible. I can put together a list of cards for trade hopefully by the end of the weekend.

Also, in terms of condition, I may be interested in non-gem mint cards, but please be specific in the condition of your cards!

Thanks everyone!

The List:

Japanese Base Charizard no rarity symbol (primary interest)
Web Series Dark Charizard 1st edition
Lance’s Charizard 1st edition

Cards I would prefer in mint condition (have near mint ones I can substitute):
Japanese Charizard * 1st edition
Base Charizard 1st edition
Charizard Lottery
Charizard For Position Only
Legendary Collection Charizard RH

I still have the Mega Charizard EX and Charizard EX from Wild Blaze if you are interested still :slight_smile:
I no longer have any promos though :slightly_frowning_face:

PM’ing both of you, thanks!

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Bump bump bump! Updated list!



Aren’t you looking to sell an FPO Charizard?

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I actually just sold it a few days ago.

Sounds good. Just trying to help you out. Glad you were able to part with it. Hopefully for a price you’re content with.

I have base charizard first edition