Line Defect on Holon Phantoms Card?

A friend of mine sent me some of his cards for grading.
He sent me a Gold Star Gyarados from Holon Phantoms that he pulled from a box a while ago.

An interesting thing he noticed before he sent me was:

The defect actually runs the whole length of the card. I would take the card out of the card saver/sleeve and inspect it closer, but I feel that is unnecessary and don’t want to handle cards after they have been put into a CS/Sleeve, especially if they aren’t mine.

He has told me that the line defect is also present on the other Holo cards he pulled from the box.

A few questions for those more experienced in Print Defects and PSA grading than I am:

  1. Would it be worth trying to get a PD assigned on this card through PSA?
  2. If it’s not worth trying to get a PD assigned to it, would it effect the grade at all?

Out of the cards I have sent into PSA with a vertical or horizontal line, all of them received 9s.

You might be able to get a 10 if you have it designated as PD. Perhaps Gary could shed some light on this. :blush:

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You can earn a 9 with this sort of holo line. I graded a multiple cards which had this exact same line going through the holo section. Since the cards were printed that way PSA deemed them a 9. I am sure they will do the same with this one as well.

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If they are pack scratches I’d say they deserve a 9 if all else is beautiful:)

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That card looks like it has damage on it though.
Unless that is just the sleeve.

certain sets from the original ex series did have issues with holos like deoxys with peeling on the holos very easily and yea is that like a scratch mark or something on the card?

Thanks for the feedback guys. I will let him know and ask him whay he wants to do.

You may want to mention also that a PSA 9 from that set is still respectable. I can’t remember who told me, but cards from EX Deoxys and EX Holon Phantoms easily accrue peeling edges over time and in the packs. Given the rarity of the card, I would still send it in (as long as the line is the only fault).

also ex deoxys holos tend to warp much faster than other cards do even if you store them away.I had a few of the holos 2 years back they were in just tins and were warped like crazy even when you pull a holo from a pack there is a chance the edges will peel even inside the pack

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Bumping this topic to share the result for the Gyarados.

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Against all odds, congrats :blush:

Only you could. Hahaha

Go look at my collection thread @funmonkey54 a couple of disasters from the submission where I must have had a brain malfunction or something.

I tease!

I’ll Facebook you a small submission I just did. You can check out my own disaster. Haha

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Congrats on the 1st Shining Charizard too:)

Thanks. I really wish it was mine but it’s a friends who got me to submit for him :slightly_frowning_face:

Ahhhh…too bad:(

Is that card a full holofoil?