LF someone to contact a seller on yahoo.jp for me.

Looking for someone with the ability to contact a seller on yahoo.jp for me. I’ve attempted using Buyee’s customer support however it is about an item which has ended but went unsold and was wanting to see if the seller is still in possession of the card/willing to sell it.
Please feel free to DM if you’re able to assist,
Thank you!

If you find out how to do this let me know. Been wanting to contact someone from YJ as well for quite some times now… Haven’t been able to find a way online to do this myself.


You can contact customer support and they’ll message a seller for you if it’s about a currently listed item but if it’s a general question or about an item which is no longer listed they won’t do it for you, unfortunately.

I think a middleman or knowing someone with a yahoo.jp account is your best bet but I’ll let you know if I figure anything else out.

I run a middleman service here in Japan. If it’s a seller I know, I can assist. PM me if interested.