LexLeo's (Classic) Collection


Hope you guys enjoy–looking forward to updating!

That was definitely fucking dope. Great job!

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Thank you, m’bro!

No problem! I like the way you organized them. Sensed a little bit of type/era and then team rocket/gym leader type of organizational feel, I can relate! Plus they all look Near Mint to Mint, huge plus.

Keep it up!

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Might be a good idea to improve your method of storage for some of those more valuable cards.

He’s got the 1st ed zard encapsulated. The rest look dope in the binder! Let the man be, mil.

Just trying to help out with the preservation of cards dude.

I understand, but they really look great as is. Maybe a toploader binder?

Ultra pro binder, toploaders or get them psa graded? are those the kind of methods you mean…just curious.Most my cards are in ultra binders side loaded and sleeved with ultra matte sleeves before. some psa, my booster boxes collection boxes tins and single packs are in large cardboard boxes and shoe box for my single packs next destinies an dup…psa wotc stuff in a large box for cards laid flat…my bulk is stacked in the card storage boxes and ultra pro binders and standard binders(for reverse holo unc com trainers and energy in standard 9 pocket sleeves) are laid flat on my book shelf

The clear 9 pocket pages in a ring binder is not at all optimal. The cards in the 1/4/7 slots get damaged from the rings and all the other cards are a bit too ‘free’ as well. The non-ring Ultra Pro binders with a cloth backing + sleeves or deck protectors is far superior.

Yea I have about 11 ultra pro 9 pocket side loading folders for rare cards and above…the 9 pocket single sleeves are flat and only hold my unc com and trainers from base to newest. any decent cards are kept in the cloth backed ultra binders or sleeved and toploaded and flat in the card storage boxes

The rings could damage the cards. But they don’t–and haven’t in my years of serious collecting–if handled and stored properly.

But I certainly agree that there are probabilistically safer methods of card storage, like PSA-grading, wrapping in an invisibility cloak, and storing in Gringotts Vault 713.

I think one of the greatest parts of collecting the cards is arranging them in cool and artful ways. (Having cards stored only in PSA clamshells, for instance, is in some sense aesthetically sterile.) Thanks so much for appreciating the arrangements!

Thank you also for appreciating the condition of the cards. Most, and virtually all of my early WotC cards, are mint or near mint and were purchased at a time around when prices had bottomed out. (I was lucky and blessed to come across many great deals!)

The storage method you see in the video keeps the cards as pristine as in clamshells, I believe, if done carefully and properly. (There’s no unavoidable damage to cards simply by using a ring binder, for example, if the binder is stored such that the cards never come in contact with the rings–which is easy to do and I have done for years!)

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FUCKING OPETH! HELL YEAH!!! Haha one of my favorites, also a sweet collection mate! :blush:

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So glad there’s at least one fellow metalhead around here!

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That was really good to watch. You have an amazing collection and thank you for sharing it with us.

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Thank you so much–I’m very happy that you enjoyed it!

Brilliant binders man, Looks like we have extremely similar tastes too!

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Thank you so much, my bro! Fan of mainly Japanese?