Crystal Ho-oh's New Collection Thread

I hope it’s okay that I’m starting a new thread here! My collection has changed significantly over the past few months and the lion’s share of what I once owned is now gone. With some of revenue from my sales, I decided to revamp my collection with more clear goals in mind.

I’ll start with my *just* completed WOTC-era Promo binder, which includes some of my favorite WOTC promos and a few Japanese promos from the same time period. The Binder is an Ultra*Pro 2 inch D-ring binder, and the cards are stored in plastic pages designed to hold PSA slabs. I used to store my cards in boxes, but I absolutely adore the binder set-up. I love that it’s like a grown-up version of what you had as a kid! It’s also a great option for someone (like me) whose PSA collection is and will remain on the smaller side. I’m also working on a WOTC unlimited binder that I hope to complete by end of summer.

Anyways, thanks for looking, and hope you enjoy the cards! :blush:


Beautiful collection! I really like the trays that your cards are laying in, that is something i have not seen before!

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Nice collection, thanks for sharing.

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Great! would love to see neo ho-oh there the fire one art is just too good

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Thanks @cooltrainert! I really like them.

@pikazardcollector, Thanks so much!

Thanks! Definitely plan on snagging the Neo Rev Ho-oh, not sure what grade yet though. :blush: One of my favorites! Such a cool card.

Here’s some sealed stuff I own. Some of these are new and some have been in my collection for a few years. I really admire the willpower of collectors who solely collect sealed product and somehow keep it all…well, sealed. Was a time when I’d feverishly rip open any sealed stuff I got my hands on. Slowly getting better lol. The ever-growing prices are indeed an incentive.

Thanks for looking! :blush:

First up, a few nostalgic theme decks. Love these!

An assortment of random packs. Generally if I buy WOTC booster packs I’ll open them if they’re heavy (which is why Wigglytuff and Flareon are missing their brother Scyther). I have all 3 arts for the Pokemon 2000 packs, and the Articuno pack is sealed and contains 25 copies of the promo. The Topps Chrome pack might be my favorite. A few years ago you could get these for $10 a piece! Not so much anymore.

I love old blisters, especially ones like these that are encased in a plastic shell. These are getting harder and harder to find. The rocket blister contains two long-seam Giovanni packs.

I occasionally dabble in sealed Pokemon product that isn’t cards, stuff like Burger King Toys, marbles, figures, etc. These two are the highlights. I was lucky enough to snag the Pokemon Gold before prices went crazy.

…I feel so incredibly blessed to own this last piece. An Unlimited Neo Discovery sealed booster box. Tempted as I am, I’ll never open.


Where’d you get that psa binder?


I put it together using an Ultra-pro D-ring binder and PSA card binder pages. The pages are available on ebay. The cards snap nicely into the trays.

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