Lego Minifigures

Does anyone collect these or have experience collecting them?

I’ve always thought they were cool. Recently, my brother has agreed to collect them with me. I’ve always wanted to collect something with him, so I’m looking for smart ways to start researching the minifig collecting world.

Just looking for general advice, conversation, etc. about Lego minifig collecting.


We attempted to (yeah, even convinced the wife - she actually enjoyed it more than me) but it became a chore and not fun.

The hardest thing was finding a nice display case for the. We wanted a Lego branded one. Then was the issue of standing in the Lego aisle for 20+ minutes feeling out the packs to avoid doubles. I get less stares from Pokémon cards than I did with Lego. Go figure.

If you want some of the old stuff, let me know. I think we started collecting around series 5 or 6. Can’t remember.

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All I know is that the Star Wars ones from the original sets go for rediculous amounts and I wish I still had mine :unamused:

Good luck with this collection man :blush:

I might hit you up one day and see what we can work out!

I don’t know how much we’ll be going for formal set releases versus just casually picking up our favorites here and there.
I can almost guarantee we’ll be going for favorites, not completion. Additionally, we’ll probably end up purchasing custom figures along the way as well.

My brother is a huge history nerd, so I suspect any historical figures that exist will end up in the collection sooner rather than later.

Thanks! Star Wars is definitely one of my favorites, so I suspect I’ll end up with a small treasure of those as well. I know I’ve got some of mine floating around my old lego tubs.

The beauty about the sets are that they can appeal to nearly everyone. I would attempt to get a sealed set of the Simpsons. Will definitely be worth it one day and they are still cheap as.

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Absolutely. And that’s probably good advice. Thanks for the heads up.

I’ll definitely let you know if I decide to go that route. I’m personally the kind of person that needs to drop tons of research before I invest any money in something because I need to be 100% sure that’s the route I want to go. So I doubt I’ll be making purchases for the first month at least. I also would have to make sure I don’t already have them in my collection! Star Wars sets were the only thing my uncle bought me when I was a kid for holidays. :blush:

There is one exception to the research rule:
I already know that I have to have this minifigure.

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You just had to show me a site where I can make fully customizable Lego men…

Curse you!!!

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@smpratte I know loves minifigs so I’m going to tag him :wink:

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If you buy just the minifigs from ebay, be very wary of US sellers. Many of these sellers will have multiples of those figures without the rest of the lego set…I worked in a walmart, but learned this earlier with loose (but new) action figures…a lot of those sellers STEAL the figures out of the package! At walmart I worked at, the store had a ton of people stealing the legos or really just the minifigures out of the package! Please don’t support such sellers, and if you see a seller with lots of figures but not the rest of the lego set…be wary. Same thing with action figures, these people will steal the figures out package and sell on ebay. Red flag is when the person has many of the same figure, all new but loose, and you ask them “why is out of package, or do you have the package?” and they give a very shady reponse. If you buy from Chinese sellers they may be bootlegs, factory rejects, or possibly stolen from factories. But more often with Chinese sellers it is just bootlegs or factory rejects.

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True but it is the same with pokemon cards?
At our walmart someone came in and started opening packs and leaving the wrappers around the store.

I collect mostly lego sets, specifically anything castle and all of the more recent modular sets, however, collecting minifigures is definitely rewarding. My gf is a massive star wars fan, and the amount of star wars figures alone are a nice challenge to collect.

This guy is one of my favorite minifigures:

Zidane is hands down my favorite soccer player. It is always nice having a crossover! But I think in general, the old ghost is my favorite mini figure.

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I think the pokemon card thieves, probably keep them mostly for themselves. But just letting people know this is a thing with lego figures (much more than other collectibles).

Like Binx mentioned…

Don’t buy from China or Hong Kong… the streets are crawling with these everywhere.

I remember one guy crossed the mainland chinese border where I was working, emptied a small truck into a busy area of a street, and just started selling 1000’s of mini LEGO figures… all counterfeit, so he was only there for a little while, then left.

The fake ones are actually really cool still… like… the spiderman was given a freaking gun…

Were any of those sealed, by chance?

I grew up on Legos and Pokemon and I’ve always considered collecting mini figs. I looked into it a few months ago and found out that the amount of mini figs out there is massive and they can get very expensive. Also, displaying them is a problem. I saw someone online built their own case - it was basically just a small plexiglass shelving unit, like one you would see for shoes at a McDonald’s play place. It seemed extremely practical.

Tbh, I might just build myself a wall unit tomorrow since I have the day off…

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I have to decide what I’m going to do. I think Star Wars will probably be the direction I personally go. That and historical figures, which I want to make custom every so often. I’m really attracted to sealed exclusives (shocker) so I don’t yet know what display method would even look like for those.


Thought I would add to the Lego figures conversation,

This is my Simpsons collection so far, the House, the Kwiki Mart, and Series 1 and 2 of the figurines, went 16 for 16 on both series. Thinking of grabbing them sealed also.

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Good Luck on the collecting. :blush:


Super cool!

I found two Lego mini sets on clearance for $5 and also bought a custom Pope Francis minifigure.

The result was:

Star Wars: A New Pope



Most of my Lego sets are sealed. I haven’t built most of them because I live in a very dusty house!

I love the Modular buildings the most though!!!

As for mini figures I use to collect them however have slowed down to focus on Pokemon cards.