Karma system removed

I’ve removed the karma system. I’ve never heard anyone really using it (it only really works if people are addicted to it to maintain a proper ranking).

This means that we don’t get to see smpratte’s astronomical and completely not made up rating. But apart from that, I don’t see any point in leaving the system in place.

If people have strong opinions it’s only a click away. But otherwise I don’t think most people would’ve noticed if I hadn’t made this annoucement…

Comments welcome. I’ve not even asked the other admin about this, this is how small a deal I think this is!

How will I ever know that 3 people have exalted me!!? …yeahh…kind of glad its gone

The only reason why we didn’t do it when Will asked ages ago is that none of us could really find the option in the admin area (it’s not the most intuitive thing in the world). That and I think someone liked it back then

Hahaha that ranking was as legitimate as missingno. :blush:

I am glad you removed it. I think the star system is good enough which increases by participation.