Jynx and other edited/censored Japanese cards

Hey all,
So how many cards have been altered for western release over the years? I know of these:

-Grimer (Team Rocket): Grimer’s pupils were altered because the original could be interpreted as looking up the girl’s skirt.
-Sabrina’s Gaze (Gym Heroes): new artwork was made because the original could be interpreted as her giving the finger.
-Sabrina’s Jynx (Gym Heroes): Jynx was recolored from black to purple due to the controversy around her design.
-Sabrina’s Jynx (Gym Challenge): see above.
-Misty’s Tears (Gym Challenge): new artwork was made of Squirtle wiping away Misty’s tears because the original had a naked Misty with Staryu.
-Koga’s Ninja Trick (Gym Challenge): edited to remove the omote manji next to Ditto due to its resemblance to the Nazi swastika.
-Card-Flip Game (Neo Genesis): the picture was zoomed in/edited to make the artwork less obviously a casino.
-Moo Moo Milk (Neo Genesis): given new artwork of Cleffa in a barn because the original had Sentret sucking on an utter of a limbless cow.

I mostly made this thread because I’m curious about Jynx cards that were recolored due to the blackface controversy. Even in English, the Neo Revelations and Aquapolis prints were NOT altered, but I know from seeing the Japanese versions that the two Sabrina’s Jynx cards WERE. Was the Base Set Jynx recolored? Were any other Jynx cards after Aquapolis’s recolored?

Interesting, I did not know that! Now I will always think of this when I see girls with long socks and skirts. I guess there is a little rockets Grimer in all of us.

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I will never walk over a sewer grate again (laughs).

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It is sad that a scumbag fraud like Geller got rid of kadabra.

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I have never understood why the Kadabra ban was exclusive to the TCG until the post above me. That does make a lot of sense and it explains why Geller doesn’t continue to go after the video games or TV show, which both still have Kadabra.

wow those Japanese ppl. heh. always seam perverted to me. heh but if u have watched a lot of anime you’d see why. but wow. i’ll never see girls with long socks and skirts the same again :confused: