Just bought a ex crystal guardians booster box for 2k!

Is this a good deal lol I just offered 2k and it auto accepted, Darn should have offered less haha. Was it a good deal? should I open it?


As long as you’re happy it’s a good deal,

question is, was there a cheaper option? probably not if you offered 2k lol

I didn’t even know this set were worth that much, wow

Congrats! :grin: Do you plan to open it or leave it sealed forever?

I think you might have overpaid slightly, but then again these are pretty hard to find. You probably could have gotten it closer to $1500.

No way to know anymore

What is the best card from this set?

Honestly, if there hard to find, then the value is what someone is willing to pay. Someone just told me recently that I paid a fair value for VS Series Box and that it would be hard to flip. I flipped it 2 weeks late for 1000 bucks more than what I paid.

If something is rare, YOU have the advantage when selling because someone is gonna want it! Especially when it comes to boxes that are out of print!

gold star alakazam, gold star celebi and crystal charizard not the one from skyridge obvioiusly lol

These cards are underpriced, especially Alakazam. I think your box might appreciate decently on the long run, but please do your homework when you make an offer on an item you’re not really sure of the value.

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Would be interested in a couple of loose packs if you decide to open.

I think in the long run you will make out pretty good if you plan on holding onto it for the next 4+ years. Don’t open it though, the cards you will pull won’t come close to 2k most likely. It’s one of my favorite sets actually. I love the reverse holo’s,celebi,and a few of the ex’s. Congrats on the purchase :blush: