Jun 8 - Jun 14, 2014 - Torchic Gold Star

Torchic Gold Star**


The art on this one is really quite nice. Off the top of my head this is probably the nicest Torchic card I’ve seen :blush: thanks for sharing Michael!

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I’m a background artwork fan, so this is just alright to me. I prefer cards that set the Pokemon into a scene or habitat over stuff that’s just in my face about the Pokemon itself.

The holo pattern looks like little flares or sparks swirling :wink:

I like all the starter gold stars as much, great trio overall. :blush:

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When I got back into the TCG, I pretty much detested all of the cards above holo rarity. Torchic Star was a rare exception where I actually liked the artwork on a chase card. So precious :heart_eyes: So glad I got one, eventually.

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One of my favorite Gold Stars that I don’t have yet! XD I much prefer Torchic’s shiny color scheme over the usual coloration, and Torchic is my favorite of the three Gen 3 starter Gold Stars.

The 3 starters are the only goldstars I really do like. The treeko’s my favorite, but i resist buying any gold stars for fear of going after a complete set :stuck_out_tongue:

Definitely a nice card. Not my favorite gold star by a long shot.lije some said above a background would have been cool for this card.

Does anyone else see a tri force in the corner of the card scan?

@hisoka107 I definitely see it now that you mention the tri force XD

I noticed as well! I can’t remember a website that uses the Triforce as a watermark.

I reverse image searched it and it said the photo belongs to dacardworld.