Jun 1 - Jun 7, 2014 - Crystal Pokemon

**Crystal Pokémon!****


I have the Kabutops box topper. It looks awesome.

Definitely Japanese Holo (1st Edition)!

I have been hesitating a long time with collecting Crystals. However, just a few days ago I bought my first copy of these because the price was just too good to be true. I’m looking forward to see the card in person, maybe I will purchase the remaining ones in the future.

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Japanese all the way. Its not even a competition vs the english prints. Crobats my favorite, but the charizard and celebi are RIDICULOUSLY hard to find at a good price. I’m proud to say that I will have a complete set very soon once my celebi gets here :blush: :blush: :blush:

Very happy to see the crystals getting some love :wink:

Am I the only one collecting these in English? lol
I’m working on a PSA 10 set. I graded 6 myself and am looking to buy the remaining 3.
I’d love to see a Japanese copy in person though. I’m sure they’re way better :stuck_out_tongue:

I collect English only as well. I have all 15 english crystals (aquapolis and skyridge) in PSA 10. I’ll upload a picture later.

Japanese Crystals as I only collect Japanese cards. Great artworks but these cards are getting too expensive.

I have each English Crystal – most of them reverse holo, I think – EXCEPT for Charizard. Sigh.

I have about half of the English crystals. All PSA 9/10 except my RH Celebi, which got an 8. :slightly_frowning_face:

I prefer grading them myself, so the process of obtaining them is slow. Haha

I only collect English TCG, and only have the Crystal Golem. I absolutely love the Crystal Lugia card.

Link to Full Size Image


I think Crystal Golem is the only Golem I’ve seen that has really done the Pokemon look good. The art on all of these is amazing.

I kind of wish they did another part series to this. *coughcoughespeciallyofGyaradoscoughcough*

There are some other Pokemon that I really think deserve another go at the whole Crystal series. I’m actually quite surprised that Pikachu wasn’t featured.

I actually think the selection of pokemon for the crystal set is impeccable. I love that they featured some ‘lowly’ pokemon that never get any ultra rare lovin while also including ONLY 1 legendary pokemon per set.


Did only the Skyridge Crystals come in RH?

That is correct.

I agree. I collect english, but those Japanese crystals are amazing. I usually use those as reference when people ask what’s the difference between English and Japanese.

Did the Japanese sets not get RH Crystals?

nope no RH, just the gorgeous selective gloss :wink:

Lugia’s generally my favourite also, master of the seas rises from water on stormy night.

I’d be so happy if I could find 2560x1440 wallpaper from that cards picture. :sunglasses:

I’m still thinking of completing the Japanese 1st Ed. set but I only have Charizard, other than that it’s really depressing that the prices have gone up from $20-$30 for a 1st Ed. to almost $100+.