Jumbo Card Authentication


Does anyone know of any companies who offer authentication services only? I.e., no encapsulation but would offer a letter of authenticity?

I have some very large (18 inch in length) display cards, used for the launch of Pokemon in 1999 in the UK, which i am struggling to have authenticated because of their sheer size. Does anyone have any contacts or advice at all? There were only 12 produced specifically for the launch in the London Toy Fair so they werent mass produced.

Unless you have strong documentation of their origin and/or primary accounts of their manufacturing, I don’t believe that a major grading company will touch them. Any company is going to need proof of their creation and distribution to feel confident enough to put their namesake on your items’ authenticity.

I might suggest contacting marketing at The Pokemon Company International to determine if documentation exists on these London Toy Fair displays.

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So far all i have is confirmation from the MD of WOTC at the time that my seller worked with him at the London Toy Fair in 1999, and he confirmed their legitimacy via message, but not actually any official documentation. The info i have gathered so far indicates very credible sources but without the official documentation, im finding it quite difficult!

I will try reaching out to the Pokemon Company as mentioned and see if they have any info. Many thanks for your advice!

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