Jpn Scrap Codes needed (2014/2015)

Hello Guys,

About two months ago I bought six cards I needed from UPCCC user but unfortunately he sent me 5 cards instead of 6 so I still need one card to complete the set (I don’t want to bother him, because it was 2 months ago, he sent cards to my US middleman and I received them about a week ago).

So here’s the thing - I need card #01 featuring Primal Kyogre and Primal Groudon (picture below) - this one is the most important.
I would also gladly buy two Cosplay Pikachus (#03 and #05) and Pikachu Cosplay card (#03)
It would be great if someone has all four of them so I can buy them all at once.
Please let me know via PM, thanks for help!

Did I sell to you? D:
I have all of these but the contest rn.

Nope, it wasn’t you @pokemontrader :grin: Could you PM me the price for these three? ^^

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Hey @kubek!

Didn’t I sell you these? I am *SO* sorry if I missed one of the cards on your wants.

I can send you all the cards that you need for free. PM me. :blush:

@soulwind yes, that was you, but that’s ok, no problem!. I already agree a deal with @pokemontrader so I think it wouldn’t be cool to back out now :slightly_frowning_face: Maybe I should’ve contact with you before but I didn’t want to bother you because it was really small purchase and it was over month ago. I’ll send the message to pokemontrader and I will let you know, thank you!

That’s fine :grin:

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