JoeR Vintage Pokemon New Youtube Channel

Hi everyone! So it finally happened… I created my own youtube channel and I did it for a couple reasons.

First, I did it for fun and as a way to share my collection and experience because I love watching videos of pack openings and PSA submissions and general card discussions.

Second, I hope to promote this site and all the great stuff that is discussed here. My channel description is as follows:

“Hi there, I’m JoeR! For all things vintage pokemon cards from first edition base set to neo destiny and even Japanese promotional cards! This is your one stop shop for PSA submissions, returns, pokemon card discussions, pack openings and more! I have been collecting and playing with all things pokemon since 1999 and now I’m a hardcore collector of vintage Wizards of the Coast pokemon cards and Japanese promos! Check out some fun videos as I share my hobby!”

Check out my first video here: PSA Submission #1 Vintage WOTC Pokemon Cards - YouTube

Enjoy and please be aware it is a work in progress. I’m no video expert, but hope you find them entertaining and subscribe for more. I hope to make a video every time I know make a decent sized purchase or submit some cards. I have some old stuff even back logged from a few years ago.

Thanks again @smpratte for the grading service, which allowed me to grade these cards with no worry of information getting messed up and the process done right. Hopefully I can do a solid in helping bring more people to efour.


Great video! I’m interested to see how they grade. I will have to stay tuned to see. :blush:


Nice video Joer. One correction, PSA graders don’t grade higher value cards tougher. To tell you the truth, they are mostly clueless to Pokemon value;)

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I agree with you Gary. It’s tough making a video without making those small mistakes. Sometimes you just say the wrong thing in the process of rambling. I also called being shadowless an error by accident. I know it isn’t, but for some reason I just did in the process of talking about a card in general.