japanime's XL/Teach Cards

In case you did not see the post made by japanime, he found these old Japanese “XL” cards. They are about the 3rd the size of the normal Jumbo cards, but larger than normal cards. Apparently they were used to teach about the game.

Here’s a picture:

So, I was wondering what you all think a single one of these is worth, and how much a set would be worth. I really want to purchase a set from japanime, but have no idea what to value them at. Maybe we could set the market price haha

Thanks to anyone who helps :blush:

I considered buying a set as well, but negotiations fell through because I’m not dying to have them and he’s not dying to sell them. Haha.

I think the value of these is going to be set by the minimum price you can get Glenn to sell them for.

I’m actually still trying to find out more about these cards. I was talking to my wife yesterday about them, asking if she remembered how I acquired them. We both concluded that they were probably sold to us by one of the kids who used to visit our store.

I haven’t seen them anywhere else, and it’s unclear to me how they were originally distributed. My guess is that they were probably given away at card stores as a promotional item.

One thing is for sure, though — they look really cool! ;D