Japanese Theme Decks

Hi everyone! It’s me again here to discuss about theme decks, this time japanese.

I started my collection and so far I focused on the English side of the theme decks from the WOTC era BUT I see a bunch of Japanese theme decks from the gym challenge/gym heroes, Neo and base set era out there at some fair prices and was wondering if worth the investment.

First question, 50 bucks for a Japanese Base Set Starter deck in good condition is worth? As a collector I would be willing to do it, now is the price reasonable? Guidance on ebay is all over the place, i see some go for 75, 125 even 250 dollars sometimes.

Second question and I believe I may had answered already this myself but here it goes, Japanese theme decks (specifically base set, neo era, gym heroes/gym challenge) will never have the value of the English WOTC decks correct?

Thank you all as always and looking forward for your input, enjoying the community so far!


For Gym them decks particularly I think it really depends on the popularity of the gym leader themselves. For example Misty is probably the best selling and most expensive ranging from 200 and up. Brock being second and the rest under 100$ or so. Also in the Misty deck you have naked Misty card which raises the price a bit for all that hype.

Personally I don’t think they will reach english wotc decks because the rarity of the holo isnt there since Japanese gym packs guarantee a holo in each pack. Also japanese gym sets do not have a 1st edition or something which also keeps the prices relatively low. I do see them going up in the future as sealed product as supply gets lower.

This is great insight, thank you so much for your help!!!


Thought this might interest you. No affiliation.

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Unbelievable and the price is not as high as I expected. Thank you for sharing!!

Misty sells for a premium because they contain the error nude misty which can sell quite high if PSA 10

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Yeah makes sense, I suppose the Sabrina theme deck is around that ball park because of the Sabrina’s Gaze banned card correct? I think you get it on the theme deck in the Japanese version.