Japanese oversized promos.

Hi guys,

Got these oversized cards on my trip to Japan, mostly due to novelty. Does anyone know what they are and whether they are part of a set or individually issued?

Thanks in advance.


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They were distributed individually in issues of CoroCoro, a magazine for kids. Not part of a set, per se.

Clarification: Unlike the others, which came from CoroCoro, the Latias/Latios jumbo was a Pokemon movie giveaway.

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Not much value but great looking items.

Hope you had a great time on your trip:)

Thanks for the replies.

Not too worried about the value, but the ilustrations were so awesome I had to get them.

I did have a great time, even though I would warn others against buying in Mandarake if you are price conscious as prices are much higher than local cardstores and staff are not very careful with the handling of cards. Anyway, it was a great pokehunt in Japan. :blush:

Glad I live here and know where the real bargains are to be found. :sunglasses:

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That Swimming Pikachu card on the top left is adorable, I’d forgotten all about these. If my memory isn’t too fuzzy, I believe there were also a few more than sort of matched that theme. Time to start digging a bit :blush: