japanese FIRERED/LEAFGREEN EX questions

You guys know the japanese starter decks of either charizard ex…blastoise ex…and venusaur ex? No edition…right?

Well i heard there were 1st editions of those ex cards!! Have you guys heard of these? Are they more rare and expensive then the non-edition starter deck ones? Were they sold in packs and did you have to pull them? How much do they usually go for? How rare are they? Anyone have any info on the…it would be helpful to me…! Thanks in advance!!! :blush:

all those starter decks with ex’s in them always came in 1st edition and unlimited.think of them like the theme decks we get every single set all the cards are the same and so forth nothing different.they are pretty hard to find here and there but now the more common ones are the unlimited versions the 1st edition ones are very hard to find as of now and most people dont even know the 1st edition ones exists