English 1st edition EX cards?

Hey Everyone,

I just have a question? I see on many eBay posts that alot of newer EX cards from Japan have the 1st edition stamp, I have not noticed one on any English EX’s. Do 1st edition English cards even get printed anymore?


nope, only unlimited

I figured, just wanted to check thanks

If I recall correctly, Neo Destiny was the final English set to get a 1st Edition print run. It was also after Neo 4 that the Japanese sets, which previously didn’t have 1st Ed print runs, started getting them. Early Japanese sets did have no-rarity runs though.

Japanese cards were not my forte, however, so if I’m wrong someone knowledgeable can correct me. :blush:

Japanese 1st edition started with the VS set I believe

Japanese Unlimited cards from recent years are often incredibly hard to find compared to 1st edition. It’s a funny world we live in.


It seems like each set gets an unlimited run for a different amount of time. I’ve heard it’s because Media Factory does the unlimited print run based on demand. Don’t have a reliable source though

That is more or less correct, they release the 1st ed run and depending on sales for that they do the Unlimited run.

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This is correct. With popular sets like Tidal Storm/Gaia Volcano/Emerald Break, UED cards are not too tough to find. But other sets may not even have a UED run.

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I’m most surprised Wild Blaze didn’t receive ued run.

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I am as well, if I was going to pick any set to be sold out it’d be XY2 *shrug*

Unless they were anticipating a huge amount of sales from it? Need I remind everyone of Emerging Powers O__O