Japanese Feraligatr ex Deck 1ED?

Hi all,

Does anyone know if this deck was printed in 1ED?


I read on Pokevault that it did not come in 1ED. Mostly just looking for some confirmation. :blush:

@bagoly14 ?

This deck did come in 1ed. If you look on the back of this Meganium deck you can see the 1ed Feraligatr one. It isn’t total confirmation, but it’s close.


When I bought mine close to the time they came out, I was told 1st edition was printed without 1st edition logo.

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I have both the Feraligatr + Meganium Ex from the decks and they are both Unlimited.

I did know you could get Meganium Ex in unlimited. What about Typhlosion ex?

I don’t have the Typhlosion from the deck so I’m not 100% sure. You can try asking WakeRunCollapse. He might know…

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