Japanese Cool Porygon/Hungry Snorlax Promos

Anyone have a recent value/estimate on what these cards are worth?
The 2 from the N64 Promo, not the CD Promo. Unless they are technically the same card.

They are the same card

Under $10 if not in original packing, In original packing i paid $15-$20 in the packing Snorlax comes with some damage counters that look like food if i remember correctly. Source Y!J pricing not too sure about eBay

That’s incredible.

Sorry i should clarify there is food printed on the counters like cake and stuff :grin:

any pictures of the counters??? im curious now haha

around 2.40 im sure they are like that

Damn, was kinda hoping there’d be a difference. Oh well.

I picked up the Sealed N64 Promo with the 2 of them in it for 17 dollars, so I suppose not a disaster.

Yep, paid $15 for mine as well.