Japanese battle carnival victory cup

Nice card, but is it really worth 80,000-100,000 Yen? What is the print run? Auction text says the tournament was held only in the districts of Osaka and Tokyo. Does that suggest 2 districts x 3 age groups = 6 winner’s cards? Or more? Is anything else known about the battle carnival event / tournament?

Interesting. I do not know anything about that print run but I find it hard to believe there is only 6 winners cards XD.

Over how many days did the carnival take place? Can anyone translate the text on the card please? Does it say anything relevant?

maybe its the top 3 that would get the card?kinda shocking how their card is more rarer than ours is lol.

Through Noppin I asked the seller about the print run of gold cup, and about districts and age groups and days, and got this reply.

12 cards in total.
3 groups x 2 days in Osaka = 6 cards
3 groups x 2 days in Tokyo = 6 cards

And the next one is already up.

Talked to a very knowledgeable source (Smason108) and he said there are 16.