Jacob in Japan

This is a small thread to show off any collection additions I make in Japan :grin:

Day 1
Off to a flying start, saw Hitmonchan and was so happy then boom 1 after another base set no rarity NM-EX(small edge holo wear)

Been chasing Charizard forever !!!


Wow. What a start! Haha

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Are you there right now?!


Where is that?!
The VS Cards… -cries in a jealous agonizing rage-

I’l seeya there… if i win the lottery :[

Yup reporting live from Akihabara Tokyo :grin:

@pokemontrader - I also drooled over 100yen VS holos :stuck_out_tongue:

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Buy us all the things!!! enjoy your trip !

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@anonspaz - What? 100 JPY on VS Holos?
Did you take em all? Where about in Akihabara?

That was at yellow submarine but the one further from. The station the main yellow sub was so expensive for singles!!


so jealous

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What did you get the no rarity holos for ??'nice finds

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Ok day 1 over I’m flustered thank god for the mini bars in Golden Gai nice place to chill.

So I got
X7 no rarity base holos
X5 assorted coro coro promos
X5 lightning energy from worlds 2012(had a different back seemed cool)
X1 web machamp first edition
X1 masaki machamp
X1 alakazam masaki
X5 assorted base set holos with rarity
Near complete VS set (missing Karens umbreon, pierce articuno and 5 TMs)
Sealed kaecleon (**spelling??) e promo

Non pokemon
X1 carddass evangelion card set 108 cards

Total spend $175

Photos to come as soon as I finish drinking!!

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You forgot to mention a ton of jealousy, you have that right now as well! :wink:


Seriously? That’s all? 175?


You lucky devil!

I hope you’re enjoying your time there! Count me jealous! :stuck_out_tongue:

Also, if you happen to come across any interesting Gyarados cards, you know who to call. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Keep the fun up and enjoy the trip!

You should look out for certain cards for your fellow UPCCC members!

If you come across either of these, maybe shoot me a PM? :stuck_out_tongue:

  • Regirock ex 1st ED ADV 4
  • Regice ex 1st ED ADV 4

Enjoy your time in Japan! We are all super jealous.

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Dang I’m also extremely jealous! Sounds like super exciting day! Like being a kid in a candy store!

If you find extra Nm Masaki you don’t want let me know :blush:

Shoot me a pm with pics post e series I wouldn’t have a clue what to look for

@azul of course I’m keeping a keen eye



One thing I highly suggest checking out is the Pokemon Center :blush:
Another cool place to go to would be a Neko Cafe :blush:


What an awesome trip! Super jealous but also really happy for you. I hope you can snag a few trophy cards (a Khan would be great) that you can perhaps sell to us. Let me know once you’re back in Oz. Cheers!

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