It's here! XD *pic*

My Kyogre Pokepark hat just got in!

Side view:

Fell in love with it when i saw one of the 2009 worlds championship finalists wearing it, and finally found a decent deal on ebay. i’m thinking I might try and collect all of the hats released at Pokepark. ;D (and perhaps even all the Pokepark merch as my “grail”)

Hats? Huh? Anyway its really big! I’m guessing that makes it ridiculously expensive too!

(PS: Whilst this should technically go in the side collections area I’m not fussed and others can post non-TCG stuff here too if they want. If it gets too much I’ll move the stuff but for now its fine)

I think hats would look cute! Anyhoo, congrats!

My bad Dogma! >.< Will remember side collections next time.

Haha thank you :3

I wasn’t trying to tell you off! Bah, I need to stop being so bossy