Italian Collectors

Hey guys,hoping this is the right place to ask…
are there other Italian collectors?

I am asking just because sometimes for me it’s difficult to express what I want to say/ask in English,I can easily read it,but writing it’s another story and it’s not always easy,especially for someone who is new to the hobby.

Please don’t worry foreign friends,I won’t write in Italian publicly,I know that this can result annoying(at least in other communities as far as I know),and moreover this way I can improve my ability to write in English.

I know @hazard24 is Italian, and in the Welcome thread there are some Italian people as well, although I’m not sure if any are still active tbh.

Still, your English is perfectly fine, except for the missing space after the commas. :wink: I wouldn’t worry too much about it. I’ve seen much worse, and as long as we can still get the general message, even very gibberish English is fine imo (and your posts are far from gibberish! :grin: ).


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I have already talked with hazard24, but thanks anyway for pointing him out.

And thanks for reassuring me on my English :grin:!

(And while I am at it…yours is one of the first collection that I have seen on reddit, i remember you cause of the Rubik’s cube collection, impressive)

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