Hello everyone! In light of some of the more heavier and serious conversations and discussions on the forums lately, I figured I might as well start up a thread I’ve thought of doing before.

So, that being said. This is where we talk about cards that we think should have been holographic, but weren’t. Or maybe they only had a Reverse Holo pattern, but never a full or in-box holo.

My submission is going to be this:

Bandit Ring Volcarona. At the very least, English edition has a Reverse Holo, but I still think this should have been given a full holo pattern. Look at those colors! D:


Just imagine if that background were holo…


Really like both cards but still feel there’s something missing…


@nauticads, when I was a kid, and got my first rare as a Dragonair, I thought there was a holo version too. Imagine my disappointment!

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Hmmm o swear I’ll think of one … One day. XD

In light of @nauticads post, this one:


I think all of the Ancient Trait cards should have been holo.

Was so disappointed when the other Metagross in Bandit Ring was given a holo instead of this one;

They also should have made these holo;


How about the English Espeon/Umbreon gold stars? Although I think that actually adds to the allure of the play versions.


Was going to mention Umbreon/Espeon gold stars and also the neo 2 & 3 English cards that were holo in Japanese: Aerodactyl, Beedrill, Butterfree, Starmie & Kingdra, but as @theconomist says, perhaps the reason I think they’re so nice is because I knew them as non-holo’s first.

That Metagross & Articuno are great candidates. Nidoqueen did get a RH-AT though.

Sabrina’s Gengar holo would be drooltastic.

But the card I always look at and think ‘why the hell is this not holographic’ is Base Set Arcanine.


Makes it nice that they can’t be weighed.

I’ve wished tpci would care about the weighing especially in stores. No wonder my childhood was so holo-less. I am all for them putting “holo” code cards in the packs with non holos. They wouldn’t care enough to offset the added cost though.

I’ve always thought that base set Beedrill would have looked nice with that green effect as a holo. I’ll have a think as I know I have thought this about many non holos!

A couple of the nicest cards in the EX Series weren’t holo in their sets. You could get holo versions in theme decks (and trust me, they’re worth it) but those theme decks are relatively hard to come by sealed.

Some notable ones:

And also this POP 5 beauty…quite the consolation prize if you didn’t pull a gold star. I’m quickly realizing it’s quite hard to make Ho-Oh look bad in a card.

These with just about every PCG-P card should’ve been holo, breaks my heart they made most of the english counterparts holo and not these :slightly_frowning_face:


One more…

Think we can all agree these would’ve been BEAST if they had a holo effect

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I don’t like these at all.

Well that tells me a whole lot about you…

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They’re rare right? I think the artwork is bunk yo.
That POP Ho-Oh though, could’ve been a sick holo.

It is difficult to improve on such a beautiful illustration. I literally stopped scrolling on this dragonair while reading this thread. It would be nice to have both a holo & non-holo variant.


I’m just sitting here like “Why do you guys want to ruin all of this beautiful artwork with obnoxious sparklies?” lol