Is this a legit error?

Hi all,

So I came across this ‘error’ today on the internet (I don’t have it in person (yet)). Is it possible that this is a legit one? I’ve never seen a reverse card with the wrong background. Or could it be that they removed a layer or so from the card?

SPOILER: Click to show

As you can see this reverse card has upside down pokéballs in the background, which it shouldn’t have!

Here’s a non-error one:

SPOILER: Click to show$_57.JPG

(Image from ebay)

You can faintly see the pokeballs in the one you say does not have them. All that I have on back stock have the pokeballs as well.


If I am reading these right - poketrade was saying that the error was the pokeballs in the holo were upside down. All reverse holos of this set had the pokeballs in the holo, I do not think poketrade was saying that the card should not have pokeballs…just that those pokeballs are upside down and that is what may be the error. Rusty’s post is a bit confusing.

No, we talked about it on FaceBook briefly. The error was the presence of the pokeballs at all.
Though updside-down ones is an interesting choice.

Ahh ok.

Wait, poke trade said "As you can see this reverse card has upside down pokéballs in the background

Yes that 1st pic shows a reverse curse powder with the white on the top of the pokeball where it should be on the bottom. I have 2 reverse curse powders, and other rev cards from that set but they all right-side-up pokeballs (white on bottom)! So that appears to me to be an error!

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Not every day you ask if it’s an error and it is, but for different reasons. Haha.

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Am I blind? I feel like I am completely missing something here… When I look at the top photo, I see upside down Pokeballs. When I look at the bottom photo, I see no Pokeballs at all.

What exactly is the error here?

I thought the error was the Pokéballs being there. But asRusty said, all reverse have them. You just can’t see them because of the light or so in the what I thought to be non-error one I guess. But yeah, the error is the upside down Pokéballs now haha :stuck_out_tongue:

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thank you for the clarification (: