Is there an App to translate Photos of japanese cards?

Hello =)

is there a fairly accurate app that allows you to translate the japanese text of cards / magazines via smartphone camera?

And more importantly, is there a program that can do this on a precise level?

My answer isn’t really what you’re after but I use Yandex OCR to translate images with Japanese text: It’s not perfect, but it does the trick for the most part.


Google Translate works very well for me if the item is well lighted


Google Lens can translate text on the fly, I use it all the time.


Look up “yomiwa” it’s costs money, they increased price recently, so maybe like $15? I don’t remember. I paid $5 forever ago, but they up charged me. Was kinda mad, but it’s that useful that I paid it pretty quickly.

I use this frequently in Japan to take pics of Japanese text. It’s not super useful with Katakana, however. And it doesn’t translate the actual sentence. It only tells you what the vocabulary means. So sadly you do need a little knowledge of Japanese for it to be useful. Some parts of speech it will tell you the meaning, but you’ve gotta piece it together like a puzzle. Probably doable if you know how English effects work.

But most Pokémon cards use the same kind of grammar and vocab, so after a while you kinda just get used to those exact parts of speech and what they do in regards to effects.

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Yup best app out there. After translating you can go ahead and copy and paste the Japanese text into search bars and buy another copy on YJ :smile:

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You can also try Papago, a Korean app. I’m almost sure it works with Japanese too!

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Thats 10 Times better than i imagined.

My guess was there is not much options which do the job

Will try out a few of them on the weekend =)

Thanks a lot!