Is there a website which combines all different eBay sites?

Whenever I check for new cards I want to collect I find myself starting on (as I’m in the UK), then checking, then, then, then if I’ve not checked in a while I’ll go to the more obscure ones like, and

The problem with doing this is that any listing which the seller has paid to show internationally will appear on all of the sites, meaning I have to remember what I’ve already seen in order to filter out the crap.

Is there a website which allows me to search across as many different eBay sites as possible which unifies the search results?

As an example, here is a screenshot of the various different eBay sites if I search for “bulbasaur” in the Pokémon TCG section ordered by ‘newly listed’ to illustrate the differences:



A quick google led me to this.

Haven’t tried it but maybe it will do the trick.


Ah that seems perfect, thank you very much!