Is the Gold Star gold rush over?

I’ve noticed from a few of the larger fb groups I’m in that people aren’t moving graded Gold Stars as easily. Unless they’re selling charizard, umbreon, espeon and ray they tend to be dropping their prices.

Maybe this is just locally but if feels like the hype is gone.

Edit: specifically taking about PSA 10s.

I think for the raw cards yes they have slowed. However the graded omes, especially the 10s, seem to be going up and are in demand.


great condition cards will always be hot sellers, maybe the gold stars you have seen aren’t in great condition?

This. Mint gold stars still have no problem selling. The problem is almost ever one i’ve seen listen recently is LP at best.

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if there are cheap LP gold stars point them toward good old fazool, I’ll scoop up all your garbage quality cards. It’s what I do, I’m basically a dumpster. I have to find time to put up some of my recent acquisitions. I got a 1st edition venusaur in the worst condition I’ve almost ever seen a card


They get hot then cool down, but never for long…

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Gold stars are overrated in my opinion :blush:

As I see things the demand isn’t nearly high like in ~2014 but overall the prices have gone up a lot in few years, even that doesn’t stop people spending big money on PSA 10 copies ( mostly because market has been cleaned of mint singles and opening ex series boxes isn’t worth the risk anymore ).

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Prices are still over the moon. Mew is nearly hitting 500 at auctions.


The 10s especially for charizard will always go up in value for its rarity people will always pay premiums on the 10s. There not easy to come by.

Also if the gold star cards were ever to have another bubble in terms for collectors the prices for 10s could sore through the roof. There still fairly new sets compared to the 1st gen base so they move back into that age catogry the cards would be considererd older and the price should rise consistantly.

I’m getting way fewer inquiry’s on them and much smaller offers.


Psa 9 gold stars sit for ages… Unsold…
Not even getting offers.

People only want perfect psa 10 or high quality rare cards.

If you get 9s… There isn’t really a demand.


Ive been watching Latias and Latios GS VERY closely the last two months for completing my GS collection. I do see the same listings over and over though their prices hold true. Seems no really serious people are hunting the GS right now. I too agree that this may be the top, but I do not think its “bubble” material.

Agree, As Ive been watching the market and any listings you do find are never ever LP :confused: