Is it normal for a 41 year old...

To just now start collecting Pokemon cards? Please tell me I’m crazy and I’ll stop lol.

Although I used to collect sports cards, I am familiar with the whole condition sensitivity thing and have veered towards the PSA graded stuff.

Am I nuts?



Edit: Honestly, no. It´s perfectly normal, just go for what you like. Pokemon, as many other hobbies, is ageless and I think that almost anyone from very young to very old can have lots of fun with some aspect of the hobby.

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There’s nothing weird about it. That goes for anything collecting really. As long as you enjoy the hunt and the eye appeal of what you’re collecting, you’re golden. Age is just a number and it should never be a barrier in life, especially not as far as collecting is concerned. Just keep on doing what brings you enjoyment in life.


You are young compared to me :wink: . Probably I win the contest of being the oldest on this forum.


Collecting Pokémon cards is a amazing hobby to be enjoyed by all ages! No worries brother you are not crazy! Keep on collecting! (Just don’t hand out any Pokémon cards to kids at a park or anything like that lol)


I just got into it last year at 44, so you’re good.


How old are you?

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Was wondering the same thing lol


Was wondering the same thing lol

I’m from '58. Happy that I’m not the winner of the contest. So please shout if so !


Let me ask this…

For you older peeps, what does your significant other (for those that have one) think about you guys collecting Pokemon cards.

Mine can pretty much care less and usually supports whatever I’m into at the moment.

I need to stick to one hobby. I have a bad habit of switching around from time to time.

I think I’m gonna stay with Pokemon and just keep learning about them because it can be discouraging with all the different cards that are out there.

I am curious to know, what has Pokemon that make you decide to go for it?

For me I guess the movie kinda brought me into it. That and the fact my son used to collect Charizard so I’ve always knew of them; especially Charizard. So my main collecting focus starting out has primarily been him although I have several others as well. I love the art work and they look extra cool in PSA slabs as well.

Welcome to the hobby. :blush:

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Age doesn’t matter. As far as I’m concerned, if you take care of your family, are a good friend, and do your job well, nobody should give a crap what your hobbies are.


Is it normal? No. Should you care if it’s not? Also, no.

This is completely normal. I’ve dealt with every age, race, nationality, occupation. Honestly it would be difficult to find one I haven’t encountered. So don’t feel discouraged.

If your significant other is supportive that is a major plus! I think a massive red flag is when people say their significant other wants them to stop collecting. I would avoid anyone that basic who can’t understand the value of a hobby.



With that said, I watch your vids on the regular as well as LeonHearts. I’ve learned a lot so far and appreciate the time you guys take to upload your input and information. Very informative and entertaining.

You guys are also the reason I stay with it. It’s just pretty damn cool to collect these things and watch guys like you doing good things for this particular hobby.


Thats a good way to get into the hobby. Now work for the goals and enjoy the hobbie with you son!

Also, I think it would be cool to do a vid on age differences within the hobby.