Introducing: Anythingbutgrass

Hi guys, just taking a minute to say hello and tell what I’m all about here. I’m a relatively new collector (got into it a few years ago, but not seriously until recently), I collect Japanese sets (wizard’s of the coast sets and VS specifically). I’m engaged to my beautiful pokemon collecting fiance, bluey. I enjoy hiking, wrestling, working out, playing cards (pokemon, MTG along with regular playing card games like euchre and solitaire) and picking on my fiance. In a couple of weeks we will be headed to this year’s pokemon national tournament in Indianpolis Indiana where we hope to get closer to finishing some sets and having a lot of fun. I’m a Christian who is excitedly taking steps forward in my faith and making new friends. I enjoy a stimulating conversation about controversial subjects. Thanks for having me!

Welcome grass. There’s a wealth of information here and some truly good people so I’m sure you’ll enjoy your time:)

Can I call you grass in person? Hahaha.

Welcome to UPCCC!

See you at Nats and enjoy your time here. :blush:

Hey welcome! Nice to have another collector on the forum. I’m also a Christian and I also enjoy collecting old Japanese cards so we have a couple things in common :wink:

Anyhow I’m confident you’ll enjoy your time on the forum and will have plenty of opportunities for stimulating conversation with some first class people. :blush:

Hey babe! It’s about time we see your face around here! :wink:


I’ve been here for a while but thanks.

Jk. But seriously, never thought I’d see RJ here.


Welcome to the boards. This is a great place for stimulating conversation about controversial subjects, even non-Pokemon ones! :blush:

Thanks for all the responses, I’m glad to be here. Yeah, if you want to call me grass in person, I suppose that you can. lol

Grass Green and Bluey :blush:

Welcome to the forum!

welcome :blush: