International snorlax cards

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Hi all

I’m looking to see if anyone can help me find a couple of snorlax and munchlax cards for my collection. Preferably looking for the nm but happy to discuss prices based on condition. I’m based in Australia or have a USA shipping address.

The cards are as follows
Ghetsis 048/051 unlimited Japanese spiral forces.
Korean matchless fighter gold snorlax
Chilling reign gold snorlax Spanish
Russian flash fire snorlax normal and or rev holo
Polish diamond and pearl snorlax and munchlax
German 2008 advent calendar snowflake stamp munchlax
Italian 2008 advent calendar snowflake stamp munchlax
Snorlax holo play promo German Italian Spanish

These are the main ones but any other international snorlax or munchlax cards happy to look at.


ps the Polish card I may have sourced just waiting on a reply


I dont have Any of these sorry