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I figured there are plenty of people on this forum who have purchased from Japan. This was the item I was looking at on eBay:
Pokemon JAPANESE 2010 Pikachu World 9 Different Countries Card Set

As far as value and collectibility I have no idea what people think of them. I just thought it’d be nice to have the set and the artwork is really neat. In the description of a few sellers it talks about import fees and talking to customs office… excuse my naivety but what all do I need to know/expect to get these awesome cards from Japan to little ol Idaho? I’m trying to decide if this is a bigger bite than I can chew or something that is no sweat. As always, any information is greatly appreciated!


It’s 32 USD. You won’t have any fees to pay. :sunglasses:

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I thought I posted a reply, but I pretty much said there are two variations that I know of, one with blue packaging and colored background on the japanese pikachu, and a set where the packaging is green and the background of japanese pikachu is green, which I believe came from 7-11. Not sure if either is rarer/more valuable, but you might as well buy the color you like better :blush:

The green version seems to be more rare and go for a higher price, both are super cool for sure though, love all those pikas so much :grin: :heart_eyes:

That is awesome, I have two sets, and was silly to open the blue one, but the green is still sealed :blush:

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I never noticed that

Actually, there are three sets:

  • English Blue: Contains English backs on the cards, and has the Blue Japanese Pikachu.
  • Japanese Green: Contains (new) Japanese backs on the cards, and has the Green Japanese Pikachu.
  • Japanese Blue: Same as the previous, but has the Blue Japanese Pikachu (with new Japanese back) instead. The other eight are the exact same cards as the Japanese Green set.

Green is rarer than the other two.


I wasn’t sure about the English variant, but where/when was it available? some guy on ebay has it with the world champion deck of 2010 in some special packaging, I feel like I’ve seen it before, but it must be incredibly rare to find like that anymore